NFT Information

Please read all information carefully to receive your free NFT at no cost to you. Limited quantity only, while supplies last.

*REIMS Footwear LLC in collaborations with ArtsyBLAZER is proud to be one of the first, and only current sneaker company to offer a free NFT with a a purchase of 2 shoes. We wanted to show our appreciation in return to our customers for supporting our brand. We are giving our supporters the opportunity to own a piece of digital art and history with us

Step 1. You must purchase a minimum of 2 pairs of the REIMS R87 any color or combinations of both..

Step 2. You must create an account on , during this process you will have to link a digital wallet. Pick one of your choice, but we recommend selecting the coinbase wallet. You must download the coinbase app and coinbase wallet app, since the wallet and the app works together.

Step 3. After creating your account, search ArtsyBlazer in the search bar. You will see NFT'S listed under REIMS COLLECTION. Select one of your choice.

Step 4. After selecting your NFT, email us your crypto wallet address and a screen shot of the NFT of your choice. It will also be a good idea to contact us for a smooth transaction if you have any questions during this process. We will start then start the process of transferring the "selected NFT" to your account. *please allow up to 30 business day for the transfer to complete

DISCLAMER : REIMS Footwear LLC is not responsible or will not be held liable for what you do with your coinbase wallet and coinbase app. It is the users responsibility to understand any platform/app they are using.

*More Information about NFT's*