About Us "The Journey"

REIMS Footwear is a family owned company dating back to 2020, founded by, R. Sherwin and his partners. The world was facing a global pandemic which was a challenge everyone faced, and because of this we didn't officially become a Limited Liability Company until 2022. Collectively, we wanted to create and manufacture a shoe that would benefit multiple lifestyles and influence health and exercise. We wanted to fill the void between an expensive sneaker and an affordable sneaker, without sacrificing looks and quality. We strive to produce a shoe that will perform just as good, or even better than that of the more pricier shoes on the market, but with an affordable price to all.

Since this was our introduction as a new brand in the shoe industry, R. Sherwin wanted a company name that would incorporate a triumphant impression, but also have a unique pronunciation based on language. REIMS can be pronounced as "Rheims, or Reemz" to the English tongue, however someone in France would pronounce it completely different. REIMS is a city in France that is widely regarded for their champagne and vineyards, which to us is synonymous with our choice of design being sleek and classy. REIMS also is loosely translated to the coronation of the kings, hence our slogan "Take The Reins".

Our slogan "Take The Reins" also showcases our vision for the company, and that's to take control, and be crowned victorious in your journey's. Overall we are excited for this venture ahead, and happy to know we're striving to help establish REIMS Footwear as a shoe company that will one day "Take The REINS", while allowing our customers to feel proud of what's on their feet, regardless of the price tag!

 At the foreground of our brand is quality, comfort, and stylishly affordable. We believe if any of these are missing from our development, then we wouldn't be fully satisfied. It's an unfortunate circumstance but sometimes we all had to choose when it comes looks or comfort, however you will receive both with REIMS Footwear. We believe by listening and valuing all feedback from our consumers will eventually help us improve an already great product moving forward. It's time to "Take The REINS" and join the journey with REIMS Footwear.